The Purpose of our Website

The purpose of this Web Site is to provide information to members of the Churches of Christ. As there are many "church of Christ" sites, as well as many local congregation home pages, it is the express purpose of this site to serve the group of brethren with whom we generally associate. It is privately owned and operated, not officially or financially sanctioned by or associated with any congregation of the Lord's church.

It is not within the purpose or scope of this page to indicate the personal opinions of those administering it, however we will feel free to restrict from this site things we find to be in obvious conflict with the scriptures or good Christian character.

Church Directory Listings

Most of the congregations you will find listed here, are not part of any specific division within the Churches of Christ. You will find many of the following to be common characteristics among them. These congregations do not have Sunday Schools or Bible Classes, located ministers, women teachers or instrumental music. Their public worship services will be roughly the same in essence although there will be great differences in order, content, etc.

This directory cannot, and is not intended to be, a complete or comprehensive listing of congregations of the Lord's church. It is our express purpose to avoid listing faithful congregations as opposed to unfaithful ones. It is only within the power of God to determine the ultimate destiny of anyone. We will not be a party to such. The appearance of a congregation in the directory of this site does not indicate an endorsement of everything or anything done or taught there. The exclusion of any congregation from this site should not be taken to mean that we disagree with anything or every thing done or taught there. It may not even be intentional, this list is for informational purposes only. But, having said that, let us be clear, that as a matter of conscience, we do not intend to include any congregations on this site that have Sunday Schools, Women Teachers, Instrumental Music, or Located Ministers. We desire to include all congregations we are aware of, where our brethren will be welcomed as faithful brethren, yet without having their consciences violated. One other note, you will find that the vast majority of these listings are from the South-Central region of the United States. This is because we grew up and still live in this area, so we are more familiar with congregations here. This is not in any way an indication that we think there are not other faithful christians elsewhere. It is evidence that, since we don't spend much time other places, we don't know of the christians there.

As people change, so do congregations and what they, as a congregation, stand for and practice. If you are aware of other congregations who practice as we do, and would like to be listed, submit all available information to the system administrator here. If you are aware that one of the listed congregations now practices Sunday School, Women Teachers, Instrumental Music, or the Located Minister system, please submit all available information to the System Administrator. For the sake of accuracy and honesty, we will not include a congregation without that being the express desire of it's elders or leaders. We will do our best to keep the list current and accurate. If you have questions about the practice or beliefs of a listed congregation, contact the person(s) listed for that congregation(s) and ask them your questions forthrightly. We trust that they will be honest and open with you.

Evangelist Directory Listings

The list of men in the Evangelist Directory is not intended to be an authoritative statement of who is, or is not, an evangelist. There are surely many other qualified and ordained evangelists throughout the world not listed here. This is merely a list of men we know & have confidence in and who are commonly recognized as evangelists among the congregations listed on this site. Updates to this list will be made periodically, as scripturally qualified evangelists are ordained and recognized by these congregations. As with all men, their actions and teachings do not necessarily reflect the views of anyone except themselves.

Gospel Meeting (Revival) Listings

Will be handled according to the same guidelines established here.

Web Site Links

There will be no links to any commercial or personal web pages on this site. We will only link to church pages that are specifically, and uniquely church pages. We will not link to a "church" section in a personal page filled with other things. We realize that there will be links on other church pages, and we trust that these are prayerfully overseen. We are trying to do our best to avoid the "trail of links" that would take someone to a site teaching false doctrine or attacking our Christian faith. Whereas we doubt anyone would wish to link through this site who has these types of links directly on their page, links lead to links lead to links ad infinitum.
The only exception we intend to make to this policy is regarding accommodations for the brotherhood meeting. Realizing that this is of necessity a non-biblical convenience, we hope you understand that we bear no responsibility for the content or link trails available at these commercial sites.
If you find a problem with one of our links, please notify the System Administrator, or if you wish to have a link to your congregation's home page listed on this site, please make the request to the System Administrator.

Sermons, Studies, Notes and Books:

We are making available a limited number of sermons, studies and books on various topics. The sermons will all be available online for you to read. If you would like a copy of any of them, you can either print the page, or copy the page to your word processor. All sermons are free to anyone who wants to study or use them. Because of limited space we will not be able to include as many sermons as we would like. We will not post any sermon without the permission of the preacher who wrote it. If there is a sermon you have preached, heard, or have a copy of and you would like to submit it, you can send it, along with the name and written permission of the one who wrote it, to the System Administrator. It may or may not be posted depending on space and other factors.
We must say that we may not necessarily agree with every point in every sermon you find here. The material in the sermons does not necessarily reflect the views of anyone except the person who writes and delivers the sermon.
Studies, and Notes will be available online or for download depending on their size and content, and fall under all the guidelines of the sermon material.
Certain books will be available for download or email, depending on size and content. Due to limited space, they will not be available for viewing online, and they fall under the same guidelines as sermons.

The Listing of Authors:

Sermons, Studies, Notes and Books will not have any author listed. They have been composed by various brethren including Elders, Deacons, Evangelists and others. All have graciously allowed us to post their material with no credit being given to them, but rather rejoicing that the truth of God's word is available for all. If you receive benefit from the material here, give the glory to God.

Fund Raising:

Cofcnet is not a fund raising organization. We do not solicit funds for our expenses, nor do we solicit funds for others. Often we receive requests for funds, or are asked to participate in raising funds for various efforts including evangelism, benevolence, school expenses, etc. It is outside our purpose to be a forum for those who need or want financial help. We do have compassion, and in rare circumstances that affect large numbers of people, we may make an exception (as in the Oklahoma City Tornado), but this will be unusual. Our decisions should not be taken as an indication of our interest in your need, but merely a policy that we must follow. If your request is not listed, it may merely be that we were unable to verify it. Since we are not in a position to be able to verify the legitimacy of each request, and because other traditional avenues of fund raising (i.e. letters & phone calls) are available, our policy is as follows: We may, at our discretion, list (in the prayer request section), a fund address and a contact name for more information.
NOTE: Just because a fund may be listed in the prayer request section of the website does not mean that the request is legitimate. We will do our best to verify such before we post, but we realize that we, just as anyone, could be mislead. Give to these with compassion, yet with caution and sound judgment.

Political Issues:

Cofcnet is not a forum for the publication or debate of secular political issues. Whereas we do believe that christians should be guided in everything they do by the faith and morality found in the scriptures, including which persons and/or parties to vote for, we will not be a party to "stumping" for any party or candidate on this website. We will not shy away from speaking on issues that the scriptures address, but will allow personal application of those scriptural principles to political issues and candidates to be made by our readers.